High-performance patient platform RPS base aligns patients optimally

Patient platform is 6D movable for radiotherapy

For many patients with cancerous disease, radiotherapy is included in the therapy schedule. One of several methods applied is radiotherapy with a linear accelerator whose success is also depending on the precision of the radiation of the diseased tissue. In order to ensure this, the main focus is on positioning and fixation of the patient prior to the actual radiotherapy.

Patient platform design corresponds with modern linear accelerators

RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) base, whose design corresponds with modern linear accelerators, permits automatic patient pre-positioning from head to pelvis for radiotherapy at the touch of a button. Mountings for add-ons as well as the 6D feature of this innovative high-performance patient platform have been already integrated by the manufacturer.

RPS base corrects organ movements automatically

Particular feature: RPS base even automatically corrects organ movements which are measured by means of a dynamic tracking procedure. In this process, the organ’s position and movement is exactly determined by an internal or external marker, while the patient platform constantly adjusts these coordinates. This way pinpoint radiotherapy of the defined tissue is assured. This, for example, is necessary in the treatment of prostate tumors where the intestinal movements constantly change the position of the diseased organ.

RPS base provides low entry height and variable positioning

A low entry height allows the patient easy ascending of the patient platform. The large procedural area from head to pelvis, movable in 6D, provides additional simplification of the positioning. RPS base is adjustable in height by 64 to 151 cm (25” to 59”) at a velocity of zero to 50 mm (0 to 2”) per second. The margin provided in the lateral alignment is of up to plus/minus 25 cm (10”) and in the length of up to plus/minus 57 cm (22”) at a velocity of 0 to 80 mm (0 to 3”) per second. The large adjustment angle of up to five degrees represents an additional advantage. You have questions about the high-performance patient platform RPS base by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.