Medical documentation is established automatically

RPS base collects reproducible data

Patient data entering into a medical documentation organize information about clinical pictures and treatment methods of a patient. The purpose of the documentation is to support medical treatment in the widest sense. At the same time it is proof for medical service accounting. For this reason it must be audit-proof and, in case of liability, valid for legal purposes. The treatment of a patient is cohesively documented and enters into the patient’s medical history. This patient management claim is therefore very demanding.

Automatic medical documentation

The more valuable it is once the medical documentation process during a treatment is facilitated as ensured through RPS base by gKteso. By means of RFID, the patient platform RPS base can retrieve the patient data, provide the selected auxiliary means and document these with processing software accordingly.

Positioning enters reproducibly into medical record

For this reason preparatory measures for radiotherapy are not only reproducible but also verifiable and documentable at the same time. Data no longer require manual recording. You have questions regarding the medical documentation of the high-precision patient platform RPS base by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.