Physicians depend on modern methods of Radiation Cancer Treatment:

Advanced Robotic treatment couch improves significantly patient safety.

As a physician, you have primarily the welfare of your patients at heart. You have chosen your career from a deep commitment and you want to contribute to the recovery of the health of your patients. As a radiation therapist, you work in a complex field of work, which has gained in importance in recent years due to to advances in medicine and technology. Your daily work produces new challenges every day. Keeping the health and safety of your patients in mind, ensuring that your medical staff implement your treatment strategy and also not ignoring let the financial requirements of the clinic. A modern robotic treatment couch for a linear accelerator supports you in all these tasks.

Robotic treatment couch – one of three pillars in radiotherapy against cancer.

In addition to the linear accelerator, there are other factors which contribute to the safety and the success of radiotherapy. This includes the robotic treatment couch. This robotic couch is much more than just a patient bed.

Due to modern technology, the RTC supports the entire radiation treatment process. The RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System ) is the robotic treatment couch that you are looking for: RPS is able to position the patient in six dimensions – the 6 degrees of freedom, to learn more about the 6 DoF please contact us. RPS as a fully integrated system has a low entry height – and thus is also manageable for your elderly or weakened patients.
The RPS has an RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader for careful and accurate documentation Each additional radiation unit can thus be reconstructed via patient data. The RFID reader allows precise positioning of the patient on the basis of coordinates of the system.

Of course, RPS can also be combined with image-guided units. Together with a modern linear accelerator, you thus get an advanced radiation system – for the safety and health of your patients. Obtain more information by e-mail from – write us!

RPS as one of three pillars in radiation oncology treatment


More flexibility and mobility are given to your accelerator moving in 6 degrees of freedom!
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