Patient’s immobilisation
Patient’s immobilisation

Patient’s immobilization is an essential pillar of radiotherapy

The more accuracy of radiation methods increases, the more important is careful patient´s immobilization

Modern radiotherapy requires a working treatment chain whose starting point is patient’s immobilization. This is followed by imaging and tumor localization, irradiation planning, the positioning of the immobilized patients using a modern irradiation couch and finally by irradiation under a linear accelerator. Patient’s immobilization is used to secure the patient externally using different options. These include, for instance, thermoplastic masks for patient´s immobilization of head and neck. These masks are manufactured individually for each patient and fit tightly specially on the bony structures of the head to prevent an involuntary movement of the patient during irradiation.

The stereotactic frame used to fix the various body parts safely is another possibility for patient’s immobilization. Vacuum mattresses are used to fix the whole body. They are adjusted to the desired position of the patient during radiation preparation and subsequently secures the same patient’s immobilization for any other radiation treatment unit. Vacuum mattresses can also be used on a CT (Computer Tomograph) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) – this way, the optimal position of the patient is guaranteed for each treatment step.

Patient’s Immobilization versus Patient’s Comfort?

Patient’s safety and accurate execution of the radiation are the first priorities when tumor treatment is planned with the linear accelerator. Patient’s immobilization – particularly the thermoplastic mask – always implies psychological stress for patients. As a result, means for improved comfort should also be used in addition to measures taken for patient’s immobilization. Comfortable headrests, cushions for the knee-joints, handles for hands or shaped cushions for the back and lumbar spine facilitate patient’s immobilization. Moreover, it is helpful to prepare the patients to radiation in a quiet atmosphere and to maintain patient’s immobilization only as long as absolutely necessary. Modern patients couches such as Radiotherapy Patient System (RPS) support short preparation times through an integrated RFID (radio frequency identification) Reader and patient’s data storing. The RPS has position points for all common add-ons for patient’s immobilization and positioning.

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