Radiotherapy robotic treatment couch
Radiotherapy robotic treatment couch

Radiotherapy robotic treatment couch.

The radiotherapy robotic treatment couch from gKteso for modern advanced radiotherapy systems is a robotic treatment couch for highest requirements. In this case, the system will adapt to your individual requirements and can be integrated into existing systems, combined with new linear accelerators or installed in new constructions.

RPS extended combines increased efficiency, improved security and greater patient comfort: Patients are prepared in parallel in three preparation rooms for radiation treatment – without haste and time pressure. Each patient will be picked up from the RPS and transported vibration free to the linear accelerator.

Radiotherapy robotic treatment couch for more patient benefits

In the basic version, RPS base, the Radiotherapy Patient System is used for the modernization of existing systems or extended with the new acquisition of the linear accelerator. This is because RPS offers decisive advantages when compared to conventional radiation couches: RPS provides even more safety during radiation treatment in addition to improved patient comfort due to low entry height.

The system supports optimum patient positioning by the integrated RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader. Thanks to the ultra-modern six degrees of freedom couch, the patient can be placed in the ideal position for the radiation treatment. RPS balances during the radiation treatment respiratory movements and peristalsis.

Radiotherapy robotic treatment couch at a glance:

·  More safety thanks to an RFID reader
·  Optimal radiation treatment angle
·  Efficient multi-user system
·  Integrated documentation
·  Improved patient comfort