Medical physicists
Medical physicists

Medical Physicists appreciate the accuracy:

6 DoF couch – meaning six degrees of freedom for even more accurate radiotherapy cancer treatment.

For Medical physicists: You encounter again and again as a medical physicist despite the latest linear accelerator limits with regard to the optimal positioning of the patient under the linear accelerator.
A new world opens up with a 6 DoF couch: The RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) is an advanced 6 DoF robotic couch which easily and with absolute precision places the patient of up to 250 kilogram body weight in each radiation treatment position which is necessary for successful treatment.

Medical physicists: Healthy tissue will be protected even better – the 6 DoF robotic couch allows ideal radiation treatment angles for cancer treatment.

Effective treatments require strong therapies: Radiotherapy with linear accelerator is one of the most powerful methods against cancer. Medical physicists are constantly confronted with new challenges in their field: Different tissue structures, complicated tumor positions or tumor forms challenge their entire knowledge. In order to use high doses of radiation at low safety distances on major organs and healthy tissue, it is essential to know exactly the location of the tumor before any further exposure sequence and to absolutely accurately position the patient.

Medical physicists offer more benefits to the Cancer Patient

As medical physicist you now you have the opportunity with the RPS 6 DoF couch system to position your patients druing radiation cancer treatments even better and more gently and to achieve additional radiation treatment angles. The system offers also all advantages and benefits of motion control.

The RPS 6 DoF couch brings as well as improved patient comfort an integrated RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader that reliably documents the patient’s position. In addition, the RPS compensates for respiratory movements or peristalsis of the patient, thus improving the safety.

RPS as one of three pillars in radiation oncology treatment

The RPS can be easily coupled with image-guided procedures and together with a powerful linear accelerator you obtain a high-end radiation treatment system that best combines comfort, efficiency and safety. The user-friendly operating unit facilitates the induction of your members of staff into the use of the 6 DoF couch and optimizes your daily work. Even if your clinic is working on a tight economic margin, the RPS as the 6 DoF couch allows a significant improvement of older radiation systems and can be combined with existing units. Shown here at a glance the benefits of RPS.

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More efficiency by flexibility is brought to you by moving in 6 degrees of freedom, learn more about the 6 DoF here:
Download: Radiotherapy System: 6 DoF couch – these are six degrees of freedom

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