Clinics and medical centers benefit

gKteso specializes in 6D controlled patient platforms

In numerous clinics and medical radiotherapy centers, therapy with linear accelerators represents an established, integral part of the treatment. Radiation of cancerous diseases is not only an important specific performance offer to patients but also, under commercial criteria, a key factor for clinics or medical centers. Aside from technical quality criteria, also customer-oriented patient care is an important aspect to convince in this particular environment. The Radiotherapy Patient System by gKteso is therefore an expedient offer to clinics and medical centers providing radiotherapy with linear accelerators.

Numerous advantages for clinical centers

The 6D-Robotic Couch provides numerous advantages. Alignment is done without any unnecessary corrections both with the RPS base and the extended model. This is ensured by an integrated RFID Reader which reads in case data as well as all fixation data, subsequently providing those for processing software. The patient may be automatically pre-positioned from head to pelvis for radiotherapy at the touch of a button. Mountings for add-ons as well as the six-axis feature of this innovative platform have been already integrated by the manufacturer.

RPS base and extended can correct organ movements

The system is capable to correct organ movements by means of dynamic tracking procedure. The position and movement of an organ is exactly determined by an internal or external marker while the platforms continuously correct these coordinates accordingly. This ensures pinpoint radiotherapy of the defined tissue.

RPS extended: Faster cycle times and more individual time

Aside from the essential technical advantages provided by the base model, RPS extended additionally increases the efficiency of radiotherapy with linear accelerators in clinics and medical centers. By means of a specific satellite system, up to three patients may be prepared for radiotherapy at the same time. After the preparation phase, automated satellite arms gently transfer the patient from the anteroom to the system, where the carbon composite tabletop is conveyed to the 6D unit (base unit) of the linear accelerator. Due to its innovative concept, RPS extended by gKteso increases the flow rate of cases in radiotherapy with a linear accelerator. As the preparation process becomes significantly streamlined, treatment costs are reduced by more than 55 percent. Furthermore, the treatment team can invest much more time in the individual talk.

Classic OEM for 6D patient platforms

Aside from the innovative Radiotherapy Patient System , gKteso has made a name for itself in the development and manufacturing of 6D controlled patient platforms for various medical areas. For 25 years, the company has been distributing its platforms as classic OEM to distinguished international partners. Your clinic or medical center is equipped with a linear accelerator and you wish to upgrade your radiotherapy units with the 6D-Robotic-Couch RPS base or extended? Or are you as an manufacturer of medical devices interested in our system? Then give us a call or write us.