Safety Aspects
Safety Aspects

Safety is paramount in patient platforms by gKteso

Patient positioning is documentable

Already in the course of the development of the innovative patient platforms, the gKteso team puts a very high value on the application’s respective safety concept. The primary objective is to reduce potential dangers to both patients and operating personnel as far as possible. If already in the early stages of development certain risks in operation or treatment are recognizable, gKteso will try to integrate the appropriate measures by means of sensors or other technical supporting aids to make operation even safer. These safety aspects are always included in the development and production of the innovative patient platforms for radiology, urology, lithotripsy and ophthalmology. Practical example: The Radiotherapy Patient System (RPS) is already equipped with an RFID Reader, which, for example, will detect the implementation of inadequate add-ons automatically.

Universally adjustable patient platform

The electronically controlled patient platforms for radiology, urology, lithotripsy and ophthalmology by gKteso are adjustable universally and precisely to the requirements of the individual treatment. This not only makes the treatment more efficient but also ensures the quality of the patient positioning. In combination with the OEM partners’ technologies, patient platforms by gKteso offer best conditions for their respective application.

Safety in surgical interventions

Also technologies for minimally invasive surgical interventions benefit from the patient platforms that can be adapted customer-specifically to the requirements of the respective manufacturer of medical technology solutions. With patient platforms by gKteso, surgical interventions are equally possible as diagnostic and endoscopic examinations.

Patient platform with contactless positioning system

This way, for example, a patient platform for ophthalmology may be arranged variably between different systems. The patient platform itself combined with the devices forms a harmonious system which can be built as a unit not only visually but also safety-related. You have questions around the safety aspects of the electrically adjustable patient platforms by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.