Commercial aspects
Commercial aspects

RPS is efficient and offers commercial advantages

Reduced costs, less effort, more time for patients

The 6D control of the Radiotherapy Patient System (RPS) by gKteso makes patient treatment with linear accelerators exceptionally efficient. The table top may be pre-positioned by means of the RFID Reader at the touch of a button. As in RPS extended, saving of time is enormously increased, due to a specific satellite system allowing positioning and fixation for radiotherapy of up to three patients simultaneously. During the radiotherapy of one patient, further patients may already be prepared for treatment in the anterooms, while others may calmly leave the patient platform thereafter. Considerable savings of more than 55 % may be achieved here.

Best patient support with RPS

Aside from decreasing time pressure in medical technology assistance, RPS offers the advantage of increased cycle times. The time saved during treatment gives room for individual attention to the patient and has a positive impact on the radiation process. For clinical radiotherapy centers, exposed to an increasing competitive situation, this may possibly be the essential unique selling proposition.

The flexible mobility of the patient platform combined with six degrees of freedom as well as user-friendly, reliable patient platform alignment represents highly appreciated facts of clinical and medical centers.  They reduce laborious setting processes by increasing the quality result of radiotherapy.

Cost and time saving

The technical features also have a time-saving impact on the documentation of the according radiotherapy. The integrated RFID Reader reads in patient data automatically. Alignment and fixation of the patient from head to pelvis is simple, as required table top positions are established at the touch of a button. The patient platform is able to read in selected supporting aids as well, by means of RFID Reader. All settings and add-ons can be documented with processing software accordingly.

Radiotherapy is documented

Hereby, preparation of radiotherapy is verifiable. Since patient data no longer need to be recorded manually, documentation is simplified. This not only has an impact on the costs. Clinics or radiotherapy centers, that already are equipped with linear accelerators, can furnish this with RPS base. The patient table top is also compatible with older models of linear accelerators. You have questions about commercial aspects and increased efficiency of RPS by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.