Cancer Patients benefit from advances in Radiation Cancer Treatment.

The new RPS-System offers more safety for patients during Radiation Cancer treatments.

Cancers today are always more treatable – most research countless physicians, pharmacologists and physicists are researching worldwide to cure cancer. Also engineers are helping to make the therapy of each cancer patient more efficient and reliable. Radiotherapy centers now have an ultra-modern robotic couch available with the Radiotherapy Patient System (RPS). The cancer patient can easily lie on the couch in this fully integrated system as the entry height is only 64 cm.

Patient benefits in radiotherapy cancer treatment

Making the radiation treatment and all measures relating to it easier for the patient, in addition to the improved effectiveness of radiation treatment is a target of the research. For this reason, the modern systems contribute significantly to making the therapy for the patient as comfortable as possible. Thus the case is sure that the radiation treatment is directed at the tumor with the best possible accuracy and vital organs and surrounding tissue are protected. Even breathing movements or the movements of the intestine are therefore compensated by the robotic couch RPS during radiation treatment of cancer patients – due to the possibility of moving in 6 DoF – the 6 degrees of freedom.

Additional key success factor for patients in cancer treatment

The key success factors of radiotherapy include an efficient linear accelerator, imaging procedures before and during treatment and a robotic treatment couch such as RPS, which supports the entire process and allows the medical physicist to position cancer patients in such a way in front of the radiation treatment unit that the ideal radiation angle is possible.

Benefits for Patients:

  • Motion management for more accuracy in Radiotherapy treatments by 6 DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) movements
  • Oncology benefits
  • Improved documentation for medical records in cancer treatment
  • More Patient Benefits in Radiotherapy Cancer Treatments

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6 DoF couch – these are six degrees of freedom for still more precise radiation treatments