Exercise to fight cancer
Exercise to fight cancer

Exercise to fight cancer is effective: Tumor cells retreat

In a supporting role alongside therapy or afterwards – exercise helps you get healthy

People who are ill want to get better – this old chestnut has never been more true than it is today. Of course, sport isn’t going to be much help in illnesses where you suffer from a fever or other physical injuries. Taking part in exercise to fight cancer does work – studies have clearly proven this time and time again. Danish researchers investigated mice with cancer systematically exercising on hamster wheels. The tumors in the active mice shrank by around twice as much as those in the inactive control group. Researchers say that the reason for the success of exercise to fight cancer is the release of adrenalin during exercise. This hormone activates immune system cells that target the cancer cells and fight them. Exercise to fight cancer ensures that the immune cells reach the tumor directly via the blood stream and do their job. The researchers investigated the tumors in the active mice and found that the tumor tissue was populated with a considerably higher number of so-called ‘killer cells’ – white blood cells that detect and destroy tumor cells.

Exercise to fight cancer can support therapy

Treatment for cancer can be long and arduous for patients. However, one possible approach is exercise to fight cancer, which can improve quality of life and even health. It is therefore important for the patient to talk with the treating team about at what point in the therapy exercise to fight cancer would be sensible and when the body really needs a break. Exercise to fight cancer also works after treatment has been concluded. Studies have shown that jogging in particular significantly improves the survival rate of women with breast cancer. The effects of exercise have even been compared to those of chemotherapy or hormone therapy. And: the more exercise to fight cancer, the better. Physiotherapy alone is not enough. Recent studies have shown that a combination of strength and endurance training is particularly efficient.

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