Relaxation exercises
Relaxation exercises

Specific preparation with relaxation exercises

Help cancer patients during radiation treatment

Our body since primeval times is primed in moments that we consider to be unpleasant, to make mobile all forces for flight. By moving, stress hormones are reduced and the body and mind calm down. However, there are situations that are essential for survival and can be registered only by our minds. This includes the complex process of radiotherapy for cancer patients. Relaxation exercises and a modern robotic patient couch such as the Radiotherapy Patient System RPS for cancer patients make a major contribution to make the therapy more comfortable for the case.

Even before the simulation, cancer patients can begin

The simulation is the first step before the actual radiation to confirm the location of the tumor and the therapy.
The simulation for each case usually takes around 30 minutes. Several radiology technologists work in this time trying to find the optimum position for the radiation and the radiation angle. The patient here only has the task, to lie as still as possible on the radiation table. So cancer patients can experience this state as calmly and composedly as possible, exercises are recommended. Thus the actual radiation treatment of the tumor is made efficient and vital organs are protected, the position of the cancer patient is very important and must not be changed. Therefore measures should be taken to immobilize the patient for your own safety. Relaxation exercises help the cancer patient to be calm inside, to become aware of the benefits and advantages of the treatment and to stay for the duration of the simulation or radiation treatment relaxed in the required position on the robotic couch. It can be helpful to insert in a targeted way the environment into the exercises, to visualize the sounds and sequences.

The modern Radiotherapy Patient System RPS supports each case during radiation treatment: No need to worry, only needed is focusing quietly on the relaxation: including breathing movements which through Radiotherapy Patient System RPS should be compensated or the bowel movements recognized and neutralized. To make the repeated radiation treatment for cancer patients more pleasant and easier, the RPS contributes to through measurement and control procedures to within a short time accurately taking up again the required position on the robotic treatment couch. The patient can lie still and begin with the relaxation exercises without actively correcting the position. The RPS moves its robotic couch gently, vibration free and precisely.

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