RPS provides numerous advantages in radiotherapy with linear accelerators

Comfort for patients and operating personnel

Radiotherapy with linear accelerator for cancer patients represents the classic application field of RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) by gKteso. Clinics or medical centers may choose between the product lines RPS base or RPS extended. Both are based on a particular high precision table top, on which a patient undergoing therapy is positioned and fixed. Due to its sophisticated satellite system, the product line RPS extended permits simultaneous preparation for radiotherapy of up to three patients

Reproducible positioning and documentation

The patient platform which both systems are based on ensures stable patient positioning, which again is of high importance in precise therapy.  Aside from its highly rigid features it is also prepared to incorporate different positioning systems. The required positioning and fixation aids, so-called add-ons, assure that patients will comply with the necessary position during therapy of five to ten minutes length without any problem. Hereby, the table top position is determined. With the collaboration of the RFID Reader this position can be automatically approached at the touch of a button.

A perfect pair: Linear accelerator and RPS

For more than half of all patients with cancerous disease, therapy with linear accelerator is part of the schedule. Nowadays, mostly linear accelerators are deployed as radiation device in radiotherapy. During therapy they rotate around the body and irradiate the tumor with varying intensity from various positions. In order to prevent the surrounding healthy tissue from being unnecessarily affected during radiotherapy, positioning and fixation of the patient is indispensable.  Due to the high investment cost, linear accelerators are mostly deployed by clinics or specific medical centers specializing in radiotherapy for cancer patients.

Streamlined operating processes and higher flow rate

The quality of treatment is paramount, aside from high cost pressure. It focuses not only on diagnosis and therapy plan but also implements the claim to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for the patient. This is where the concept of RPS steps in, not only by providing the highest degree of comfort by means of the automated patient platform system, but also by streamlining the operating process during radiotherapy. Thus, it combines numerous advantages even under economic criteria, such as flow rate and treatment duration. You have questions in regards of the application possibilities of RPS by gKteso within the application field of radiotherapy with linear accelerator? Then give us a call or write us.

Bbenefits of the gKteso RPS System in Radiology Cancer Treatments: