Oncology benefits from “RPS base” System.

6-DoF Robotic Couch for oncology therapy with linear accelerators.

For many patients with cancerous disease, radiotherapy is part of the therapy plan. Hereby, oncologists often back on therapy with linear accelerators. Within oncology, along with surgery and chemotherapy, radiotherapy represents the third important pillar in the treatment of malignant diseases. By means of rays, cancer cells are destroyed by degrees.

Benefits in Oncology: positioning aids for more precise treatments.

Prior to therapy with a linear accelerator, a therapy plan is compiled in order to determine patient positioning as well as positioning aids (add-ons). The therapy plan will be drafted on the basis of a planning CT.

Efficient patient preparation in Oncology

The positioning and fixation of a patient is of paramount importance in radiotherapy with linear accelerator. gKteso has developed the  RPS, a 6D-Robotic Couch that enables efficient patient preparation. The case is automatically pre-positioned for radiotherapy at the touch of a button. Mountings for add-ons as well as the 6D feature of this innovative platform have already been integrated by the manufacturer.

Large procedural area

A large procedural area from head to pelvis, movable in 6D, ensures additional simplification of positioning. Special feature: RPS even corrects organ movements measured by means of an additional dynamic tracking procedure. Hereby, RPS offers optimal therapy conditions for both oncology and the benefit of the patient.

Benefits in Oncology due to gKteso RPS System

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