Radiotherapy Cancer Treatment

Innovative RPS base (Radiotherapy Patient System) facilitates radiotherapy for cancer treatment with linear accelerator

The success of cancer therapy with linear accelerators also depends on optimal positioning and fixation of a patient prior to the treatment. That is why these preparatory measures call for special attention and great diligence. These preliminaries may take quite some time, which is not always available in clinical routine. In order to win back the adequate time that the clinical personnel requires, gKteso has developed the “RPS base” and the “RPS extended” system for cancer clinics and medical centers.

6D-Robotic Couch for modern linear accelerators

RPS is a 6D-Robotic Couch complying with the design of modern linear accelerators. With its utilization, patients may be automatically pre-positioned for therapy at the touch of a button. Mountings for add-ons as well as the 6D feature of this automated patient platform have already been integrated by the manufacturer. The large procedural area from head to pelvis as well as the 6D feature ensures additional simplification of the positioning prior to radiotherapy. Advantages: With this high-quality system, both patients and personnel gain more time for humanity.

Adjustment angle of up to five degrees

The RPS-System by gKteso is adjustable in height from 64 to 151 cm (25 to 59“) at a velocity of zero to 50 mm (0 to 2“) per second. The margin provided in the lateral alignment is of up to about 25 cm (10”) and in the length of up to about 57 cm (22”) at a velocity of zero to 80 mm (0 to 3”) per second. Further advantage is the large adjustment angle of up to five degrees in any direction.

Cancer Therapy with tracking procedure and Motion Management features

Special feature:  During the therapy process with a linear accelerator, the RPS even automatically corrects organ movements (Motion Management) which are measured by means of an external dynamic tracking procedure. Hereby, pinpoint radiotherapy of the defined tissue is assured.

Features and benefits for radiotherapy and radiation cancer therapy:

  • Improved accuracy in radiotherapy during the treatment by Motion Management and with integrated RFID Control
  • Motion management for more accuracy in Radiotherapy treatments by 6 DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) movements
  • Improved documentation for medical records in cancer treatment
  • Improved Patient Management System for Radiology Cancer Treatments
  • Improved Cost-Effectiveness in Radiation Cancer Treatments
  • More Patient Benefits in Radiotherapy Cancer Treatments
  • Benfits for Medical Physicists in radiation cancer therapy
  • What Physicians should know about modern systems for Radiation Cancer Treatment

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