Radiology Benefits from high-tech Positioning System.

Radiology, Radiotherapy and radiation documentation become more efficient with RPS

The aim of radiotherapy, which half of all cancer patients are undergoing, is to cure or delay diseases by means of ionizing radiation. Radiotherapy is the métier of radiology specialists or specialists in radiotherapy. Radiologists are supported by medical technology assistants and specialized medical physicists. Prior to radiotherapy, a complex planning process must be set up. A radiologist establishes a radiation plan including comprehensive organizational and technical quality safety measures in order to avoid irradiation errors.

Radiology Innovation: Ideal patient positioning

Specific patient positioning during therapy is an essential part of the plan. Hereby, the radiology specialist needs to prevent healthy tissue from being unnecessarily affected during irradiation. The patient mostly takes horizontal position on a specific patient platform, such as the RPS  by gKteso, on which he/she is precisely positioned and fixed. Prerequisite for this demanding challenge is not only the patient platform’s high rigidity features but also its capability to incorporate different positioning systems. Table tops like RPS base and extended prove to be ideal for precise positioning, as both their material and performance substantially support the success of precise radiotherapy by means of their electric settings variety.

Setting data are retrieved

The most frequently applied method is therapy with linear accelerator, proceeded by radiology specialist consultation and planning CT. In this particular computer tomography, the patient is aligned in the subsequent radiation position by means of special positioning aids in order to facilitate the most comfortable and reproducible positioning. The planning CT read into a planning computer construes out of the CT data a three-dimensional profile of the patient, of which the radiotherapy plan is compiled. According to the settings, the system by gKteso supports the operator by providing resumed automatic approach of this particular position. Elaborate corrections will be omitted.

Features and benefits of the gKteso RPS System in Radiology Cancer Treatments:

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