Solutions for radiotherapy systems – from modernization of existing systems up to new constructions:

The “RPS-System” offers various benefits and new solutions for existing linear accelerators.

Modernization: Improve your existing system

If you want to modernize the radiotherapy system in your clinic or radiation treatment center, you can replace the existing treatment couch with the Radiotherapy Patient System. As RPS can do more than conventional treatment couches. Better comfort for the patient, even surer handling and improved efficiency are the key points.

New acquisition: a new linear accelerator plus RPS

If you replace and newly acquire the entire radiotherapy system, ask the manufacturer of your linear accelerator about the RPS base. Then with this high-end robotic treatment couch you can use in an even better way the possibilities of the linear accelerator. Together with imaging techniques, you obtain a system at the cutting edge of science and technology. The individual components in it complement each other optimally and improve each other’s performance .

New construction: Implement efficiency and humanity – construct RPS extended

With RPS extended, you can make your clinic or your nuclear medicine center at the same time efficient and into a provider with great patient comfort. In three preparation rooms, patients are prepared, positioned and located for the radiation treatment in parallel without haste and with great care and human attention. In each case, a patient is vibration-free and without a change in the optimal positioning brought by the couch to the linear accelerator and given radiation treatment there.

More information on 6 DoF the six degrees of freedom in our new brochure

Benefits of RPS extended in Radiology Cancer Treatments by 6 DoF Motion Management:

  • higher cycle time in Radiotherapy Cancer Centers – more patients per day
  • improved flow rate in Radiotherapy and Medical centers – better patient handling
  • Significant more preparation time for each individual patient
  • Improved accuracy in radiotherapy during the treatment by Motion Management and with integrated RFID Control
  • Motion management for more accuracy in Radiotherapy treatments by 6 DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) movements
  • Oncology benefits
  • Improved documentation for medical records in cancer treatment
  • Improved Cost-Effectiveness in Radiation Cancer Treatments
  • More Patient Benefits in Radiotherapy Cancer Treatments
  • Benfits for Medical Physicists in radiation cancer therapy
  • What Physicians should know about modern systems for Radiation Cancer Treatment
  • Improved Patient Management System for Radiology Cancer Treatments


The RPS offers various solutions to bring your therapy up to date. We will gladly explain which solution is best suited to your situation and how RPS can also be integrated into existing treatment locations. Let us inform and advise you – write us at or call us on: +49 (0) 8234 / 966 38 41 – we look forward to your call.