Hospital administration
Hospital administration

Benefits for hospital administrations: Improved documentation for medical records of radiotherapy treatments.

The robotic treatment couch “RPS base” provides reliable data during radiotherapy cancer therapies.

The requirements on hospital administration are rising: A flood of data and medical records will be collected, processed and assigned on each day of the clinic. This serves firstly patient safety: The medical care can be optimized through collective knowledge about medical conditions and treatment methods. At the same time, the careful documentation in each medical record also contributes to quality assurance. Only with the help of all the data can rates of remission and response times be calculated and cure rates be determined. The accuracy of medical interventions can be analyzed by accurate documentation in the medical record. This results in indicators of early and long-term results of individual therapies. The Radiotherapy Patient System “RPS base” by gKteso supports your members of staff as they easily and quickly collect and evaluate patient and treatment data in the medical record.

Medical records are important sources of data – documentation ensures quality standards in hospital administration

It is very important especially in cancer treatment and cancer research to document all treatment steps exactly and to integrate them into the medical record. The Radio-Therapy Patient-System RPS plays an essential role of bringing cancer patients to the exact position for the radiation treatment. This is the only way to ensure that vital organs and healthy tissue are spared. However, a reliable, comprehensive documentation with the relevant data from the medical records of the system is of value also for the external quality assurance: As clinic, you have the task of routing data to cancer registries or comparing the success in radiotherapy of your clinic with other centers.

The third important point about a through documentation in the medical record is the fact that the medical documentation is the evidence base for services billing. As a member of staff of the hospital administration, you know which requirements apply for fixed auditing data and in urgent cases as legally sound data.

The Radiotherapy-Patient-System facilitates data collection and documentation for each individual radiation treatment with a linear acceleratorunit and allows, at any time, an exact reconstruction of the patient’s position at the time of radiation treatment.

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Optimal mobility and flexibility is given by the 6 degrees of freedom, learn more about the 6 DoF in our brochure:

Download: Radiotherapy System: 6 DoF couch – these are six degrees of freedom

Benefits of RPS extended in Radiology Cancer Treatments by 6 DoF Motion Management:

  • higher cycle time in Radiotherapy Cancer Centers – more patients per day
  • improved flow rate in Radiotherapy and Medical centers – better patient handling
  • Significant more preparation time for each individual patient
  • Improved accuracy in radiotherapy during the treatment by Motion Management and with integrated RFID Control
  • Motion management for more accuracy in Radiotherapy treatments by 6 DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) movements
  • Oncology benefits
  • Improved documentation for medical records in cancer treatment
  • Improved Cost-Effectiveness in Radiation Cancer Treatments
  • More Patient Benefits in Radiotherapy Cancer Treatments
  • Benfits for Medical Physicists in radiation cancer therapy
  • What Physicians should know about modern systems for Radiation Cancer Treatment
  • Improved Patient Management System for Radiology Cancer Treatments

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