Newly constructed
Newly constructed

Radiotherapy for maximal efficiency and improved patient comfort

It seems like squaring the circle and in the present world of the healthcare system, marked by financial need, almost impossible:
How can a radiotherapy system be optimally utilized to save time without thus burdening patients? It is possible with the Radiotherapy Patient System extended – a high-technology combination of robotic treatment couches for your radiotherapy system. The basic idea is simple Patients can be prepared for radiation treatment in three preparation rooms in parallel. Thus sufficient time remains for careful patient positioning, any necessary measures for immobilization and also for the patients: Your members of staff explain all the necessary steps and make sensitively and without haste, the necessary preparations for the radiation treatment.

The radiotherapy system with RPS extended is connected by all three preparation rooms to the radiation treatment location on the linear accelerator. Patients are transported vibration-free and comfortably from the preparation room to the linear accelerator, without further changes in the patient’s position. The distance between the preparation room and linear accelerator can be up to six meters. Even patients up to 250 kg can be transported easily and comfortably.

Without long waiting times for the preparation, the radiotherapy system can now work continuously and the cost-intensive linear accelerator is utilized optimally. There is a stop in the radiotherapy system only for a few minutes, in which a patient moves back into the preparation room and another is brought into the radiation treatment unit.

If you are currently planning a modern radiation treatment center, deciding on the extension or the construction of a hospital and planning a radiotherapy system, the RPS extended should be taken into consideration. The advantages are clear: The RPS radiotherapy system allows a consistent and efficient use of the linear accelerator. And with this radiotherapy system you gain back what patients and clinicians alike desire: Time for more humanity in healthcare. Let us advise you about the possibilities of RPS extended for your new construction or expansion projects. Talk to us on + 49 (0) 8234 / 966 38 41 or write us an e-mail to Without fail, we will call you without obligation on your desired date.