Classic OEM on the international medical technology market

25 years of experience as manufacturer

For 25 years now and as classic OEM to distinguish international partners, gKteso has been developing and manufacturing 6D-controlled patient platforms for various applications. The platforms are utilized in radiology, urology or lithotripsy as well as in ophthalmology. According to the respective application, these innovative platforms may be operated by means of a joystick or a hand controller but also automatically via network from the overall system.

OEMs save resources

Through collaboration with us, our partners have the significant advantage of being able to focus on the development of future product generations, while gKteso develops and produces motion systems specifically for the defined applications. Upon request of the partner, the development work may be carried out jointly. We can also take care of medical authorization. This way, the partner can save numerous resources that can be used for other applications. Aside from patient-platforms for various specialist topics, we have developed the RPS, a 6D-Robotic Couch for radiotherapy with linear accelerators which has also reached market maturity as OEM product.

Patient alignment with additional features

gKteso brings two models on the international medical technology market: RPS base and extended. RPS base is a 6D-Robotic Couch featuring a user-friendly, reliable patient platform alignment. The extended model allows simultaneous positioning and fixation of up to three cases for radiotherapy.  In RPS extended, these preparatory works are carried out in separate anterooms. The system convinces clinics and medical centers with numerous features making radiotherapy with linear accelerator both more efficient and more comfortable. You have questions around our platforms for OEM partners? Then give us a call or write us.