Commercial aspects
Commercial aspects

OEM partners focus on their core business

Innovative patient platforms as unique selling proposition

For around 25 years and as classic OEM to distinguished international partners, gKteso has been developing and manufacturing electronically controlled patient platforms for various medical sectors. These patient platforms are utilized in radiology, urology or lithotripsy as well as in ophthalmology. By means of manual operation such as joystick or hand controller, or also via network from the overall system, the patient platforms can be positioned as required for the respective patient treatment. They complement the OEM partners’ technologies in order to position an innovative overall system in the market.

Development work by gKteso

For OEM partners, the development work by gKteso carries the advantage that they can focus entirely on their core business bringing new products faster and at a reduced rate on the market, which again may represent an important unique selling point within the increasing competitive situation. More and more, patients are becoming customers, as not only high-quality medical treatment is expected but also pleasant ambience. The patient platforms meet the requirements of elderly or disabled patients just the same as the increased demand for safety and comfort.

Multi-axis patient platforms for more comfort

The patient platform for ophthalmology is characterized by precise three-dimensional fine adjustment allowing additional, considerably large lateral movement. The patient platform for urology/lithotripsy features, aside from precise three-dimensional fine adjustment, also isoclinical and the isocentric movement axes. For radiology, gKteso offers a tabletop module permitting the operators fine tuning in 6 axes. You have questions about the commercial aspects of patient platforms by gKteso distributed by the company as classic OEM? Then give us a call or write us.