Clinical Centers
Clinical Centers

Clinical centers benefit from RPS by gKteso

Radiotherapy with linear accelerators is becoming more comfortable

Radiotherapy with linear accelerators is well established in numerous clinical centers. Radiation of cancerous diseases is not only an important service spectrum for the patients but also, under economic criteria, an essential factor for a clinic or a clinical center. Aside from technical quality criteria, also customer-oriented care is an important aspect to convince even in this field within the competitive situation. The Radiotherapy Patient System by gKteso is therefore an expedient offer for centers providing radiotherapy with linear accelerators.

Numerous benefits for clinical centers

RPS offers numerous benefits for both patients and medical technology assistants in clinical centers. Alignment based on stored patient data is undertaken without any unnecessary corrections. An integrated RFID-Reader reads the patient data and stores all fixation data, subsequently providing those for the processing software. Herewith all settings are reproducible. The patient can be automatically pre-positioned from head to pelvis for radiotherapy at the touch of a button. Mountings for add-ons as well as the six-axis feature of this innovative high-performance platform have been already integrated by the manufacturer.

RPS base can correct organ movements

RPS even automatically corrects organ movements through measurement by means of a dynamic tracking procedure. Here, the organ’s position and movement is exactly determined by an internal or external marker, while the platforms continuously adjust these coordinates. This ensures pinpoint radiotherapy of the defined tissue.

RPS extended: Faster cycle times and more time for the patient

Aside from the essential benefits provided by RPS base, RPS extended additionally increases the efficiency of radiotherapy with linear accelerators in clinical centers. With installation of RPS extended,  up to three patients may be simultaneously prepared for radiotherapy by means of a special satellite system. After the preparation phase, specific satellite arms gently transport the patient from the anteroom to the system, where the carbon composite tabletop is conveyed to the 6D unit (base unit) of the linear accelerator. This is where precision adjustments on the patient are checked and radiotherapy is initiated.  Subsequently, the patient is moved back to the cabin and may leave the patient platform. Benefit for clinical centers: RPS extended by gKteso with its innovative concept increases the cycle times of the treatments and consequently the flow rate. At the same time, the treatment personnel can take more time for the individual patient in the preparation room. You run a medical center and wish to improve your radiotherapy with linear accelerators for your patients and your operating personnel? Then give us a call or write us.