Safety aspects
Safety aspects

Safety aspects are met and exceeded by RPS

6D Robotic Couch RPS documents treatment procedure

Safety aspects are indispensible for clinical centers, especially in sensitive therapies such as radiotherapy with linear accelerator. The 6D Robotic Couch RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) by gKteso meets and exceeds the demand for safety. This is ensured, amongst other, by the integrated RFID Reader which reads patient data and all selected fixation aids, subsequently providing them for further processing. The position data of the 6D Robotic Couch are continuously transmitted at the same time.

6D Robotic Couch RPS corrects organ movements

By means of dynamic tracking procedure, the 6D Robotic Couch RPS is even capable to correct organ movements automatically. This ensures precise radiotherapy of the defined tissue and prevents unnecessary radiation of the surrounding healthy tissue. The flexible mobility of the patient platform with its six degrees of freedom as well as the user-friendly, reliable alignment of the patient platform represent further essential quality features of the RPS.

Documentation of position and supporting aids

By means of processing software, also selected supporting aids can be documented. Consequently, the preparation for radiotherapy is not only reproducible but also verifiable and documentable. Data no longer need to be recorded manually. This considerably increases the efficiency of the administrative effort for radiotherapy with linear accelerator and makes performance accounting even leaner. The time saved during the treatment allows room for individual care of the patient and has a positiv impact on the valuation of the radiotherapy procedure. You have questions in regards to the safety aspects and the documentation when using RPS? Then give us a call or write us.