Patient perspective
Patient perspective

RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) promotes patient confidence

Many advantages in radiotherapy with linear accelerator

For many patients with cancerous disease, radiotherapy is part of the therapy plan in the course of their treatment. Hereby, radiotherapy with a linear accelerator has established itself. This type of therapy is not without its difficulties and gives quite a few patients cause for anxieties and uncertainties. It is therefore all the more important to create a solid foundation between clinic and patient. There not only the knowhow of the physician in charge is decisive but also the patient’s confidence in the technical equipment relevant to the linear accelerator. This also requires equipment for optimal patient positioning and fixation prior to radiotherapy: The patient platform.

RPS offers patients numerous advantages

The 6D-Robotic Couch RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) base by gKteso offers numerous advantages for patients in radiotherapy with linear accelerator. The patient can be certain that RPS provides optimal positioning and fixation in order to ensure the best possible success in the respective radiotherapy. The low entry height allows convenient ascending of the patient platform, also for wheelchair users. The operating personnel can take more time for individual attention and humanity, due to the efficient, automated adjustment of the patient platform.

Time for the patient

RPS extended substantially increases the comfort level, as in this innovative system by gKteso up to three patients may be simultaneously prepared and fixed for radiotherapy with linear accelerator. The preparatory works are carried out calmly in separate anterooms. After completion, a satellite arm gently transfers the patient to the system where he is conveyed to the 6D unit (RPS base) of the linear accelerator. This is where the operating personnel will review precision adjustments. As soon as radiation is completed, the patient is moved back to the cabin and may leave the patient platform with the good feeling that everything was given for an optimal healing process. You have questions around RPS and the numerous advantages from patient perspective in radiotherapy with linear accelerator? Then give us a call or write us.