Motion management
Motion management

Motion Management contributes significantly to more accurate Radiotherapy treatment.

Accurate radiation therapy of tumor patients – better than gating.

Life is movement: the human body has numerous movement patterns that take place with wonderful reliability largely unaffected by consciousness. These include heartbeat and breathing, as well as organ movement or peristalsis. In radiotherapy, therefore, motion management is of great importance in order to achieve optimum accuracy in the radiation treatment and maximum safety for the patient. It replaces the previous gating.

While gating like a switch only reacts to “on” or “off” and so controls the radiation treatment, motion management compensates movements individually. Every patient and everybody is different – and even individual breaths may differ considerably in their range:
Gating cannot be considered exact. Therefore, systems may use the new technology to adapt to the current circumstances and can register and compensate for small variations in a sensitive way. Here, the detection of the instantaneous movement is relatively easy to determine on the basis of various measurement parameters. A greater challenge is to create, as part of the upgrade, a robotic treatment couch, which automatically can compensate for even the smallest changes – without interrupting the radiation treatment as it happens with gating.

Motion management for more accuracy in radiation treatments

The Radiotherapy Patient System RPS was developed specifically for motion management. Previously the systems implemented gating predominantly for controlling. For this, the patient receives on the radiation treatment couch in addition to the immobilizations a mouthpiece, with which the breath is recorded. The gating then regulates, according to each inhalation or exhalation, whether the linear accelerator emits radiation or not. So the patient must during the radiation treatment on account of the gating not hold breath but have an additional sensor in the mouth. The RPS instead, tracks the movements that are needed to be compensated, which take place in the body during the radiation treatment. Thus, the patient can let breathing flow and be as relaxed as possible: The robotic couch system keeps the body automatically in the optimal radiation treatment position – thanks to the flexibility given by moving in 6 degrees of freedom – and ensures the protection of adjacent tissue or vital organs.

Motion management versus gating

Thus the RPS (radiotherapy patient system by gKteso) with motion management contributes better than previously with gating to make possible for the patient a largely comfortable radiation treatment. Additional devices or measuring units must not be attached to the body. The patient can relax, let the breath flow naturally and contribute to successful radiation treatment with relaxation exercises. In addition, the accuracy of radiotherapy will be further improved, tumors can be irradiated more accurately and with smaller safety margins without affecting surrounding organs or tissues.

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Download our brochure on 6 degrees of freedom – 6 DoF here:
6 DoF couch – these are six degrees of freedom for still more precise radiation treatments

Benefits of “RPS base” and “RPS extended” in Radiation Cancer Treatments by 6 DoF Motion Management:

  • higher cycle time in Radiotherapy Cancer Centers – more patients per day
  • improved flow rate in Radiotherapy and Medical centers – better patient handling
  • Significant more preparation time for each individual patient
  • Improved accuracy in radiotherapy during the treatment by Motion Management and with integrated RFID Control
  • Motion management for more accuracy in Radiotherapy treatments by 6 DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) movements
  • Oncology benefits
  • Improved documentation for medical records in cancer treatment
  • Improved Cost-Effectiveness in Radiation Cancer Treatments
  • More Patient Benefits in Radiotherapy Cancer Treatments
  • Benfits for Medical Physicists in radiation cancer therapy
  • What Physicians should know about modern systems for Radiation Cancer Treatment
  • Improved Patient Management System for Radiology Cancer Treatments