6 DoF couch
6 DoF couch

Modern 6 DoF couch optimizes radiation

More safety, more comfort and improved interfaces

Modern-day treatment couches for medical purposes are a long way from simple tables, but there are still big differences between the different models. The Radiotherapy Patient System RPS exceeds conventional treatment platforms: the 6 DoF couch is the result of sophisticated kinematic technology. The aim of the improved mobility options is to further optimize the patient’s position under the linear accelerator during radiotherapy and to safeguard accuracy. The 6 DoF couch is also able to rotate and tilt, thereby increasing the options for achieving the best possible angle for radiation delivery.

Collecting and outputting data – correcting the patient’s position

Coupled with additional modern methods, the 6 DoF couch becomes the core of the improved patient positioning system. Laser beams in the treatment are document how the patient is lying on the treatment couch. Special camera systems can also detect markers applied to the patient’s skin and compare the data with the pre-defined coordinates. If the data does not match, the 6 DoF couch ensures that any tiny positional corrections are made. The system can also be supplemented if required with tracking methods. In this instance, medical fiducial markers, which are tiny particles of gold, are inserted into the body during the patient’s surgery. These mark the point at which the tumor was located and where the intensity of the radiation should now be at its highest. This tracking method displays on a monitor where the marker is currently located and whether there are any changes in position. If necessary, the 6 DoF couch can make minimal adjustments by tilting, turning, rotating, raising or lowering the patient. Only once the patient is reliably in the calculated position does the radiotherapy begin.

More safety for patients: exact radiotherapy to the tumor

Write to us if you want to learn more about RPS. Even existing systems can be easily modernized with this 6 DoF couch. We will be delighted to tell you about the ways in which you can improve safety and comfort for your patients. Please contact us at info@gKteso.com.