Research in medical physics is evolving at breakneck speed – better opportunities for patients

Every effort and process in medical physics research aim at treating cancer patients as safely and completely as possible

The tumor is an individual and three-dimensional entity that is different for each patient. The objective of research in medical physics is to irradiate each tumor with very high accuracy without damaging neighboring healthy tissue as far as possible. For this purpose it is essential to position the patient as immobile as possible under the radiation treatment unit and to restore the same position for every radiation session. Thanks to research in medical physics, it is possible today to irradiate the tumor from the best direction even during an operation. Even the adaptation of the radiation dose inside the tumor can be used successfully thanks to research in medical technique and modern technologies. Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) allows the use of a therapy beam with different intensities. Even the shape of the therapy beam can be modified through what is called collimator-apertures and adapted as accurately as possible to the shape and contours of the tumor.

Research in medical physics also employ computer scientists

At the same time, computer scientists have contributed to the advancement of research in medical physics through a radiation plan software that makes it possible to anticipate the radiation distribution inside the tumor tissue. Considering that tumor irradiation can be further improved by research in medical physics, it is crucial to optimize radiation conditions. To this end, the Radiotherapy Patient System RPS is equipped with integrated sensors that automatically balance the movements of the patient’s body. As a matter of fact, research in medical physics have revealed that in addition to breathing, movements through heartbeat or peristalsis, therefore movements of the intestine and digestive organs always modify the position of the tumor.

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