A carbon plate forms the surface of the Radiotherapy Patient System

Carbon is light, but also highly rigid and resistant to corrosion

The most important advantage of this material and therefore also the reasons why carbon forms the base plate of the Radiotherapy Patient System RPS is that the radiation is absorbed by the plate instead of being reflected. The carbon therefore helps to reduce the patient’s exposure to radiation and to prevent the undesirable scattering of radiation. Carbon has therefore replaced the wood plates used previously. The biggest problem with wooden plates is the frailty of the surface when it comes into contact with liquids or hard objects. What’s more, wood does not always keep its shape and is therefore not stable in the long term when exposed to high weight loads in particular. Minimal and barely visible deformations in the surface can lead to imprecision in radiotherapy and negatively impact the safety of the patient or the success of the treatment.

Carbon is used for a number of medical purposes

Carbon is the material of the future in medical technology. That’s because the material is very strong yet light, has very low thermal conductivity and is very resistant against most chemicals. In addition, a broad variety of shapes can be made from carbon for medical applications. Surgical tables, wheelchairs, crutches, prostheses and orthoses are already made out of carbon. All aids and appliances for X-ray and radiotherapy are also made of carbon, such as supports, positioning splints, clip-on tables and mats or the surfaces of radiotherapy tables. There are a number of other sensible ideas for how materials can be used: For example, one option could be a carbon fiber compound mix in spray flasks. In the event of an accident or first aid in the hospital, the doctor would be able to apply the spray and harden it under a UV light. This would be able to create well-fitting and stable bandages quickly, which could improve and simplify first aid.

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