Patient positioning
Patient positioning

6 degrees of freedom for successful patient positioning

Target accuracy and protection of vital organs

Radiation treatment with a linear acceleerator is one of the most effective methods to shrink tumors efficiently and eventually make them disappear. High doses of radiation in recent years have further improved the effectiveness. In order to protect the surrounding tissue and vital organs carefully finding a good position is a key factor of the radiotherapy. This and the repositioning with repeated exposures requires precise work and an environment which supports patients and physicians in determining as accurately as possible the calculated position.

The Robotic treatment couch RPS helps to simplify first time- or repositioning: the integrated RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader is able to detect the position without contact. This data is already gathered in the simulation and used as a basis for the positioning during radiation treatment. When the patient lies again on the RPS, the system ensures that it will automatically find and take up the saved position. This is also useful for repositioning when patients undergo multiple radiation treatment days one after another.
Careful positioning and repositioning with RPS system and additional mobilization – such as moving the linear accelerator in 6 degrees of freedom – allows improved accuracy of radiation treatment. The higher doses of radiation call for systems that best protect the surrounding tissue and vital organs. Lower safety distances of less than three millimeters are only possible if it is really ensured that the patient can take and maintain the calculated position during radiation treatment. RPS improves safety by balancing breathing movements and peristalsis

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