Integrated RFID-Reader
Integrated RFID-Reader

Perfect Patient Positioning during Radiation treatment with integrated RFID-Reader.

Patient platform with RFID Reader facilitates radiotherapy Cancer Treatments.

The “RPS base” unit – Radiotherapy Patient System for Radiology cancer treatments – suggests itself for clinical centers not planning new buildings. The innovative system with its 6-DoF (6 degrees of freedom) control provides a lot of comfort and efficiency. The patient platform’s flexible mobility and the user-friendly handling represent additional quality features during cancer treatments. The rigidity of the RPS base absolutely guarantees optimum positioning of the patient thanks to the integrated RFID-Reader. The system is also prepared for dynamic corrections. Further advantage: Older linear accelerators can be updated or upgraded with RPS base.

Key Features for Radiotherapy Patient System for Radiology Cancer Treatments

  • Completely integrated 6 DoF (6 degrees of freedom) patient platform
  • Entry height: 64 cm (25”)
  • Combinable with Imaging-System
  • Deployment of 6 DoF- (6 degrees of freedom) position data
  • Radiation treatment couch with integrated RFID-Reader for better documentation of radiation cancer treatments
  • Patient weight up to 250 kg (550 lbs)

Exact patient positioning with integrated RFID Reader
for optimiced Radiology Cancer Treatments

RPS base is ideal for exact 6D positioning, due to the fact that its material and performance as well as its electrical settings variety essentially support the success of a precise radiotherapy. The patient platform RPS base features very high rigidity properties and is compatible with various positioning systems. In order to achieve stable and exact positioning of the patient, positioning aids like RFID reader are added. RPS base provides the exact position of the platform. Fact is also that it makes treatment cycles of several days duration less time-consuming for both medical professionals and patients.

Radiotherapy in the head and neck area requires, aside from positioning aids, special fixation by means of masks in order to prevent sensitive, adjacent organs such as salivary glands, eyes, brain and spinal cord from being unnecessarily strained by radiation. These masks consist of special thermoplastic materials, they are individually adjusted and do not obstruct breathing.

Vacuum matrasses and further add-ons facilitate patient fixation even more. RPS base can be equipped with all add-ons. You have questions in regards to the patient platform RPS base by gKteso and the possibilities around preliminary patient positioning for radiotherapy? Then give us a call or write us.