Product description
Product description

RPS extended revolutionizes radiotherapy with linear accelerators

Simultaneous positioning and fixation of up to three patients

RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) extended both revolutionizes radiotherapy with linear accelerator in clinics and medical centers and optimizes the preparatory process for patients and operating personell. In this innovative system, patients are simultaneously positioned and fixed for radiotherapy on up to three patient platforms. This procedure takes place in separate anterooms. Via automated satellite arms, the patients are gently moved to the system where they are transferred to the linear accelerator.

RPS extended stores patient positioning

Here, the medical technology assistant (MTA) can review precision adjustments on the patient according to the radiotherapy plan. Once radiation is completed, the patient is transferred back to the cabin and may leave the patient platform. The key advantages of RPS extended by gKteso are the patient alignment without unnecessary corrections, due to stored patient data, the patient platform’s flexible mobility by six degrees of freedom as well as the user-friendly, reliable patient platform alignment.

All add-ons for fixation may be attached

Patient alignment and fixation from head to pelvis is very easy as the desired positions are established at the touch of a button. This is taken care of by an integrated RFID Reader which reads in the patient data. The patient platform is of particular rigidity and prepared for dynamic corrections. By means of dynamic tracking procedure, the patient platform is capable to correct organ movements. All add-ons for patient fixation may be attached to the patient platform.

Sub-millimeter precision radiotherapy

The low entry height permits convenient ascending of the patient platform. The large procedure area from head to pelvis ensures additional comfort. The patient platform is 6D movable, adjustable in height by 64 to 151 cm (25 to 59“) at a velocity of zero to 50 mm (0 to 2“) per second. The margin provided in lateral alignment is of up to plus/minus 25 cm (10“) and in length of up to plus/minus 57 cm (22“) at a velocity of 0 to 80 mm (0 to 3“) per second. An additional advantage is the large adjustment angle of up to five degrees in any direction. You have questions in regards to positioning and fixation with RPS extended in radiotherapy with linear accelerator? Then give us a call or write us.