Treatment positions are continuously provided

RPS extended documents reproducible data

Patient data such as clinical pictures and therapies enter into the medical documentation. It not only supports medical treatment in the widest sense but simultaneously verifies the measures for medical service accounting. Therefore, medical documentation must be audit-proof and, in case of liability, valid for legal purposes. The closed documentation of a patient’s therapy enters into the patient’s medical history, making therefore patient management at times rather demanding for clinics, physicians and nursing personnel.

Automated medical documentation

Once these requirements can be automated, efficiency in administrative efforts is increased and gives room for individual attention to the patient. The automatic data transmission is an essential feature of RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) extended by gKteso. The 6D-Robotic-Couch RPS extended permits simultaneous preparation for radiotherapy of up to three patients in specific anterooms,  reads in patient data and selected supporting aids by means of RFID and subsequently provides those for higher-level software. Moreover, aside from time and duration of the treatment with linear accelerator, precise patient positioning during radiotherapy can be provided as data records.

Positioning is reproducible

In this way, preparation for radiotherapy is not only reproducible but also verifiable. Data need not be laboriously recorded, they are easily integrated. You have questions around the medical documentation of the high-precision patient platform RPS extended by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.