RPS extended
RPS extended

“RPS extended” increases cycle time and flow rate for Radio Therapy Cancer Treatments.

High performance patient system for clinics and medical centers in Radiology Cancer treatments.

In cancer treatment with linear accelerators, the result depends on precision during radiotherapy. Accordingly important is the exact positioning and fixation of the person during the radiation treatment. These preliminaries are time-consuming.  In order to make the whole radiotherapy treatment process more efficient, gKteso has developed the automated, high-performance platform Radiotherapy Patient System “RPS extended” to considerably simplify the preparation for subsequent radiotherapy  for patients, physicians and medical physicists by its satellite system and its 6 DoF motion system. The extended system allows serial, comfortable and fast radiotherapy with linear accelerator and proves to be a most interesting investment for clinics and medical radiotherapy centers.

Preparation of up to three patients at the same time
for Radiology cancer treatments in clinics and medical centers.

Cancer patients can be prepared and fixed for radiotherapy on up to three platforms. The preparatory work through to positioning takes place in anterooms. These structural preconditions must exist or need to be created in clinics or medical radiotherapy centers for cancer treatments.

After preparation phase, satellite arms gently transfer the patients to the system where they are conveyed to the 6-DoF unit (6 deegrees of freedom RPS base unit by gKteso) of the linear accelerator. This is where precision adjustments are reviewed. As soon as radiation is completed, the satellite arm moves back the platform to the cabin and the patient may leave easily and calmly. The system “RPS extended” by gKteso increases both the cycle time of treatments and the flow rate by means of its innovative concept. At the same time, the operating team can take more time for the individual case in the preparatory room.

Many advantages for clinics and medical centers in Radiotherapy Cancer Treatments and for Oncology

Additional quality features of the system are patient alignment without unnecessary corrections based on stored data, flexible mobility of the platform by six degrees of freedom, as well as user-friendly, reliable platform alignment. An integrated RFID-Reader reads both patient data and all supporting aids used and subsequently provides them for processing software.

Benefits of RPS extended in Radiology Cancer Treatments by 6 DoF Motion Management:

  • higher cycle time in Radiotherapy Cancer Centers – more patients per day
  • improved flow rate in Radiotherapy and Medical centers – better patient handling
  • Significant more preparation time for each individual patient
  • Improved accuracy in radiotherapy during the treatment by Motion Management and with integrated RFID Control
  • Motion management for more accuracy in Radiotherapy treatments by 6 DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) movements
  • Oncology benefits
  • Improved documentation for medical records in cancer treatment
  • Improved Cost-Effectiveness in Radiation Cancer Treatments
  • More Patient Benefits in Radiotherapy Cancer Treatments
  • Benfits for Medical Physicists in radiation cancer therapy
  • What Physicians should know about modern systems for Radiation Cancer Treatment
  • Improved Patient Management System for Radiology Cancer Treatments

You have questions regarding the high-performance patient platform “RPS extended” for more efficient radiotherapy treatments made by gKteso or even interested in testing this new couch system? Then give us a call or write us.