High-precision platform RPS base represents many advantages

Optimum comfort and high tech for optimal radiotherapy results

The patient platform RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) base by gKteso combines numerous advantages in radiotherapy with linear accelerator – both for patient as well as medical technology assistant. Thus, the patient platform ensures exact positioning and permits optimal patient fixation which is of fundamental importance for successful radiotherapy. This is not only guaranteed through the platform’s high rigidity but also through its capability to allow different positioning systems. The positioning data is stored as well as documented and therefore reproducible.

Fixation on high-precision platform with add-ons

Since radiotherapy in the head and neck area requires special fixation by means of masks or possibly vacuum matrasses, all add-ons can be attached to the RPS base model. The 6D control in the patient platform RPS base makes patient treatment with linear accelerators particularly efficient. The patient alignment is undertaken without any unnecessary corrections. Further quality features are the patient platform’s flexible mobility as well as the user-friendly and reliable patient platform alignment.

Stored data facilitate positioning

The patient may be aligned and fixed from head to pelvis. Based on the stored data, different positions are automatically established at the touch of a button. By means of a dynamic tracking procedure, the patient platform can even correct organ movements automatically. Hereby, pinpoint radiotherapy of the defined tissue is assured.

Integrated RFID-Reader

The low entry height of RPS base permits easy ascending of the patient platform. The large, 6D movable procedural area from head to pelvis represents another benefit. The wide adjustment angle of up to five degrees optimally supports the operating personnel. An integrated RFID-Reader facilitates the management of patient data, which can be read out automatically. As also older linear accelerators may be upgraded with RPS base, it is even possible to update older systems.

The advantages of RPS base at a glance:

  • Exact patient positioning and fixation
  • High rigidity of the patient platform
  • Various positioning systems
  • Storage and reproducibility of positioning
  • Patient fixation from head to pelvis
  • Automatic correction of organ movement by dynamic tracking procedure
  • Low entry height
  • Large, 6D movable procedural area
  • Adjustment angle of up to five degrees
  • RFID-Reader