RPS base
RPS base

Radiotherapy Patient System “RPS base”: more
Accuracy in Radiology Cancer Treatments.

Innovative Couch System for optimized preparation for cancer therapies with linear accelerators.

Radiotherapy Patient System “RPS base”: for far more accuracy in radiology cancer treatments thanks to motion management and more. In patient treatments with linear accelerators, the high-performance Radiotherapy Patient System with its 6D control provides optimum comfort and efficiency – both for clinical personnel and the patient. Alignment is possible without any unnecessary corrections, as stored data allow fast presetting of the lying position. The flexible mobility of the platform ensured by six degrees of freedom, as well as the user-friendly handling of the platform represent additional quality features of the model.

The radio-therapy patient System stabilize optimally the patient

A person undergoing radiotherapy takes a horizontal position on the system. The platform’s solid properties ensure absolute stable positioning, which is essential for precise radiotherapy and supports, aside from its high rigidity, additional positioning aids. Case platforms such as this one prove to be ideal, as material and performance significantly improve the success of precise radiotherapy due to their electrical settings variety.

Maximum safety in cancer treatments with linear accelerators

The integrated RFID-Reader guarantees maximum safety by providing the settings and the documentation of the therapy. The system features a particular rigidity and is prepared for dynamic corrections. Further benefit: Even older linear accelerators can be upgraded with RPS by gKteso. This often makes sense in order to utilize existing systems for a longer time. You have questions about the system for treatments with linear accelerators? Then give us a call or write us.

Benefits of the gKteso RPS System in Radiology Cancer Treatments by 6 DoF Motion Management and more: