6D-Robotic Couch for radiotherapy with linear accelerators

Via satellite arms to the 6D unit

The 6D-Robotic Couch RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) extended by gKteso revolutionizes radiotherapy with linear accelerators in clinics and medical centers. RPS extended enables simultaneous preparation of up to three patients for radiotherapy with linear accelerator. Patients are positioned and fixed in preparatory rooms by means of RPS extended. The radiation protection door opens and the satellite arm transfers the patient, protected from vibration, into the treatment area. As soon as the transfer is completed, the satellite arm retracts and the door closes. At the same time, the patient platform is positioned at the linear accelerator.

6D-Robotic Couch enables automatic patient alignment

The 6D-Robotic Couch enables 6D-alignment and positioning of the patient. All add-ons can be attached to the patient platform. The low entry height allows the patient easy ascending of the patient platform. A large procedural area from head to pelvis facilitates patient positioning. The RPS extended is adjustable in height from 64 to 151 cm (25” to 59”) at a velocity of zero to 50 mm (0 to 2”) per second. The margin provided in the lateral alignment is of up to plus/minus 25 cm (10”) and in the length of up to plus/minus 57 cm (22“) at a velocity of zero to 80 mm (0 to 3“) per second. An additional advantage is the large adjustment angle of up to five degrees in roll, yaw and pitch.

RPS extended supports documentation

RPS can read in patient data and selected supporting aids by means of RFID Reader and provide these for processing software accordingly. Hereby, RPS supports both documentation and medical treatment in the most inclusive sense. Consequently, preparation for radiotherapy is not only reproducible but also verifiable and automatically documentable. You have questions regarding the high performance patient platform RPS extended by gKteso? Then give us a call or write us.