RPS base for radiotherapy with linear accelerator

Both patients and operating personnel benefit from 6D-Robotic Couch

RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) base is used in cancer patients’ radiotherapy with linear accelerator. The base model by gKteso is a 6D-Robotic Couch on which a patient is positioned and fixed. Due to its high rigidity features, the innovative patient platform ensures stable patient positioning. An entry height of 64 cm (25”) permits patients of up to 250 kg (550 lbs) an especially convenient ascending of the patient platform. The required positioning and fixation aids – add-ons – may be fixed quickly. This patient positioning as well as the auxiliary means read in by RFID Reader, are both documented for the external processing software.

RPS base positions precisely

For many cancer patients, radiotherapy with linear accelerator is included in the therapy plan. Linear accelerators are the most often used in radiotherapy. During radiotherapy the linear accelerator rotates around the body and irradiates the tumor with varying intensity and from different positions. Precise patient position and fixation is of particular importance in order to prevent healthy tissue from being unnecessarily damaged during radiotherapy.

6D-Robotic Couch provides efficiency and comfort

Aside from the claim to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for the patient, operating companies need to mind the efficiency as well. RPS base reduces the time required for patient positioning. Therefore, the automated 6D-Robotic Couch also offers significant advantages under economic criteria, such as flow rate and treatment duration.  You have questions around the application possibilities of RPS base by gKteso in the utilization environment of radiotherapy with linear accelerator? Then give us a call or write us.