RPS Radiotherapy Patient System provides accuracy, comfort and efficiency.

RPS Radiotherapy Patient System is a 6Dof Robotic-Couch for radiotherapy with linear accelerators

The Radiotherapy Patient System (RPS base and RPS Extended) by gKteso revolutionizes radiotherapy with linear accelerator in cancer treatment as it streamlines the preparatory process  for patients, medical physicists and physicians. gKteso introduces two innovative models of the innovative 6 DoF (6 degrees of freedom) Robotic-Couch – RPS base and RPS extended – to the international medical technology market.

RPS base: 6 DoF Robotic Couch as integrated Radiotherapy Patient System for Radiology cancer treatments

Key advantages of the system are patient alignment without unnecessary corrections due to stored patient data, flexible mobility of the platform by six degrees of freedom as well as user-friendly, reliable platform alignment.

RPS extended: Radiotherapy Patient System for higher performance and better patient management

Extended provides this array of features as well. The system allows positioning and fixation for radiotherapy of up to three patients at the same time. When the extended system is deployed, these preliminary works are carried out in separate anterooms. Patients are gently transferred to the system via automated satellite arms and subsequently conveyed to the linear accelerator. At this point medical technology assistants (MTA) may review the precision settings. Once radiation is completed, the patient is moved back to the cabin and may leave the platform easily.

All add-ons and positioning aids for Radiation Cancer Treatments can be attached

An integrated RFID-Reader, which reads in the patient data, establishes alignment and fixation from head to pelvis in the required position at the touch of a button. The tabletops of RPS base and extended are of particular rigidity and prepared for dynamic corrections. By means of dynamic tracking procedure, both models are capable of correction of organ movements. Further advantage: All add-ons for patient fixation as well as positioning aids may be attached to the system platforms.

More Precision and comfort in Radiation Treatments

RPS base and extended by gKteso ensure precise positioning and provide the highest level of comfort both for patients and medical technology assistants. The system is ideal for exact positioning as its material and performance substantially support successful, precise radiotherapy due to its electric settings variety. This gives significant benefits for physicians, medical physicists and patients for radiology cancer treatments.

New: Improved Motion Management in Radiology Cancer Treatments

Motion Management contributes significantly to more accuracy in radiology cancer treatments. The low entry height permits convenient ascending of the platform. The large procedure area from head to pelvis provides additional comfort. The patient platforms are movable in 6D and approved for a patient weight of up to 250 kg (550 lbs). The adjustment angle of up to five degrees in any direction is particularly large.

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Features and benefits of the gKteso RPS System in Radiology Cancer Treatments:


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