6D-Robotic Couch RPS extended for a higher throughput on linear accelerators

Much comfort, best automation and more time for patients

The 6D-Robotic Couch RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) extended by gKteso has been convincing clinics and medical centers with numerous features that make radiotherapy with linear accelerators more efficient as well as more comfortable for the patient. The precise, reproducible positioning as well as the patient’s fixation represents an essential aspect. Another important advantage is the efficiency of this innovative system.  As with installation of RPS extended, by means of a specific satellite system, up to three patients may be prepared for radiotherapy with linear accelerators at the same time. Specific satellite arms gently transport and convey the patients to the 6D unit (RPS base) of the linear accelerator.

All add-ons are compatible with the 6D-Robotic-Couch

Further advantages are represented by the patient platform’s high rigidity and its ability to allow various automated positioning systems. Positioning is both stored and documented and therefore reproducible. Radiotherapy in the head and neck area requiring specific fixation by means of masks or possibly vacuum mattresses can be easily performed on the RPS extended as all conventional add-ons may be attached at the RPS extended. Patient pre-positioning is carried out automatically without any unnecessary corrections. The patient platform’s flexible mobility featuring six degrees of freedom, as well as the user-friendly, reliable alignment of the patient platform represent further advantages highly appreciated by clinics and medical centers.

Facilitated positioning due to reproducible data

Patients can be positioned and fixed from head to pelvis. Both required patient data and positioning defined in initial settings beforehand are established at the touch of a button, stored and subsequently approached. By means of dynamic tracking procedure, the patient platform even corrects organ movements automatically, thus ensuring pinpoint radiotherapy of the defined tissue.

RFID-Reader documents all processes

The low entry height permits convenient ascending of the RPS extended. The large, multi-dimensionally movable procedural area reaching from head to pelvis is another advantage. The wide adjusting angle of up to three degrees supports the operating personnel additionally. The integrated RFID-Reader is a supporting tool in digital patient data management, providing them automatically. You would like to know more about the advantages of the 6D-Robotic Couch RPS extended? Then give us a call or write us.