More efficiency in radiotherapy with RPS extended

Higher flow rate for operating companies of linear accelerators

Clinics and medical centers offering their patients radiotherapy with linear accelerator need not only ensure the highest possible comfort for cancer patients but also mind efficiency. This is where RPS (Radiotherapy Patient System) extended offers the perfect approach. The innovative patient platform by gKteso permits simultaneous preparation of up to three patients for radiotherapy with linear accelerator. A satellite arm transports and conveys the patient, protected from vibration, to the 6D unit (RPS base) of the linear accelerator.

Reproducible positioning and documentation

RPS extended ensures stable patient positioning that is of significant importance for precision radiotherapy with linear accelerator and render necessary a high rigidity of the patient platform as well as various positioning systems. All positioning and fixation aids, so-called add-ons, can be attached to the 6D-Robotic Couch by the manufacturer. The patient platform’s flexible mobility including six degrees of freedom as well as a user-friendly, reliable alignment of the 6D-Robotic Couch represent further advantages particularly valued by clinics and medical centers.

Reproducible positioning for radiotherapy

The patient positioning is read in by RFID-Reader and subsequently documented by processing software. Furthermore, it is possible to read in and reproduce the exact patient positioning for any further irradiation process.  The medical technology assistant only has to review the fine tuning at the linear accelerator.

RPS extended offers numerous economic advantages

The concept of RPS extended not only offers the highest degree of comfort for the patient but also streamlines the treatment significantly. Hereby, RPS extended combines numerous advantages also under economic criteria such as flow rate and treatment duration. You have questions regarding the application possibilities of RPS extended by gKteso in the utilization environment of radiotherapy with linear accelerator in clinics and medical centers? Then give us a call or write us.