RPS automatic
RPS automatic

Even more stereotactic precision

RPS automatic perfectly matches modern radiation therapy

The 6 degrees of freedom of the robotic couch RPS automatic make it possible to use a virtual isocenter for stereotaxis. The RPS automatic moves the patient closer to the gantry for this. Stereotactic radiation therapy profits from this shorter distance by a more precise radiation field.

Stereotaxis is clearly improved by narrower penumbra.

Radiation therapy will always have an area at the sides of the field edge, where the radiation dose drops from 80 to 20 percent. This area is called half-shade or penumbra. The smaller the penumbra is, the more precisely can the radiation volume for stereotaxis be specified. The stress on surrounding tissue or organs at risks is reduced. RPS automatic can be moved along with the gantry. The virtual isocenter in the near-distance area of the gantry thus can be used for stereotaxis. The shorter distance reduces fanning open of the beam and ensures clearly circumscribed treatment of the tumor. Stereotactic radiation therapy is a high-precision treatment – many important nerves, brain areas or organs are often located only millimeters away from tumor tissue in the head. The most important task, apart from treating the tumor, therefore is best protection of healthy areas from radiation by stereotaxis. RPS automatic permits movement in six degrees of freedom that is both precise and very gentle on the patient. The very rigid lying surface ensures that deviations from deformation remain minimal even at high loads – that is important for precise stereotaxis.

The virtual isocenter not only improves stereotaxis – radiation therapy profits doubly:

Before radiation starts, imaging procedures are used to determine the location of the tumor and the movements of the gantry. A protected area around the patient must be observed in order to prevent collisions. RPS automatic also permits placing patients farther away from the gantry and performing the treatment in the virtual isocenter. This gives the gantry more space to move – additional possible radiation angles result and improve treatment quality.

RPS automatic can be coupled with any common linear accelerator and system. For more information about stereotaxis and RPS automatic, contact us by phone (+49 8234 966 38 41) or email (info@gkteso.com).