RPS Radiotherapy Patient System by gKteso: Six degrees of freedom (6 DoF Couch) for more precise radiation treatments.

Innovation in Radiotherapy: gKteso presents the 6-DoF couch. The RPS (gKteso Radiotherapy Patient System) is an advanced 6 DoF robotic couch which easily and with high precision places the patient in each radiation treatment position.
The RPS System was also developed for motion management. Motion Management contributes significantly to more accurate radiation treatment. This covers heartbeat and breathing, as well as organ movement or peristalsis.

Radiotherapy robotic treatment couch delivers reliable data,
6-DoF features and supports treatments with motion management.

Motion Management in Radiation treatments, contributes significantly to more accurate radiation treatments. The human body has many movement patterns that take place largely unaffected by consciousness. These includes breathing, heartbeat, organ movements and peristalsis. In treatments, motion management is of great importance.