OEM Medical Technology

OEM Medical Technology

Classic OEM for innovative medical technology solutions

Long-term experience as manufacturer

For around 25 years and as classic OEM we have been developing and manufacturing electronically controlled patient platforms. In this sector gKteso is cooperating with distinguished international partners. The innovative platforms support diagnosis and therapy in radiology, urology or lithotripsy as well as in ophthalmology. The system can position three-dimensionally at the touch of a button permitting high-level individuality.

Implementation of our customers’ innovative concepts

Not only major companies rely on gKteso as OEM partner who can take on tasks such as development work, production and medical authorization of the patient platforms. Also for smaller and mid-size technology companies  not planning on setting up their own production facilities, the team offers the opportunity to convert innovative concepts exclusively to a product and to produce it. Also partial productions can be developed and manufactured specifically for the customer’s requirements, merging harmoniously not only visually but also functionally into the overall system.

RPS for radiotherapy

Aside from platforms for radiology, urology or lithotripsy as well as ophthalmology, gKteso has developed the Radiotherapy Patient System which is also offered as OEM product on the international market. The 6D-Robotic Couch is used particularly in radiotherapy with linear accelerators.

Positioning without unnecessary corrections

RPS comes in two variants: Base and Extended. RPS base enables patient alignment based on stored data avoiding unnecessary corrections. The platform’s flexible mobility provides six degrees of freedom ensuring user-friendly, reliable alignment of the platform. The extended system is designed for radiotherapy centers as with this concept up to three patients may be positioned and prepared for therapy at the same time. In RPS extended, all preparatory measures are carried out in separate anterooms. It scores points with many features making radiotherapy both more economic and more comfortable. You have questions about the platform system types for OEM partners? Then give us a call or write us.