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About us

6D-Robotic-Couch RPS provides efficiency in radiotherapy

RPS is compatible with older linear accelerators as well

gKteso specializes in the development of patient-platforms with 6D control, inter alia, for radiotherapy with linear accelerators. With its RPS base and extended models gKteso is now entering the international medical technology market. About 25 years ago, mechanical engineer Guido Kübler, founder and Managing Director of the company, started with the development and production of 6D controlled patient-platforms for hospitals and specialist practices. As classic OEM, the company distributes these products to distinguish international partners.

More efficiency and comfort with RPS extended

The patient-platform RPS extended by gKteso convinces clinics and medical centers with its numerous features that make radiotherapy with linear accelerator more efficient and more comfortable. Hereby, the precise, reproducible positioning as well as the patient fixation is an essential aspect. Another fundamental advantage is the efficiency of this innovative system, as the system permits simultaneous preparation of up to three patients for the therapy with linear accelerator by means of a specific satellite system.

More than 55% cost savings

During the radiotherapy of one patient, further patients may already be prepared for treatment in the anterooms, while others may calmly leave the patient platform thereafter. With the extended system more than 55% cost savings can be achieved in radiotherapy with linear accelerators. Via specific satellite arms, patients are gently transferred to the 6D unit of the accelerator. The carbon composite tabletop on which the patient is positioned is there conveyed to the linear accelerator. By means of a RFID Reader, the 6D-Robotic-Couch can be pre-positioned and settings are documented at the touch of a button.

Upgrading older linear accelerators with RPS base by gKteso

The platform RPS base by gKteso ensures precise patient positioning and permits optimum fixation which is a significant factor for successful radiotherapy. The patient platform‘s high rigidity and its capability to allow different positioning systems represent further decisive advantages. All common positioning aids and add-ons may be attached and used on the patient platform system. Clinics or radiotherapy centers already equipped with linear accelerators can upgrade them with RPS base. This patient platform is also compatible with older linear accelerator models. You have questions in regards to platforms for radiotherapy with linear accelerators? Then give us a call or write us.