Numerous applications with patient platforms by gKteso

Constructive adaptation to the respective application

In radiology, urology, lithotripsy and ophthalmology, the requirements to the manufacturers have risen continuously. gKteso develops and manufactures electrical patient platforms for radiology, urology, lithotripsy and ophthalmology offering physicians a professional treatment environment.

Patient platforms adapted to the requirements

The possibility to design and produce the patient platforms precisely in accordance to the treatment offers new opportunities. The patient platforms are motorized and provide best conditions for their respective application. As a result, special solutions, such as the extremely low entry height, multidimensional headrest adjustment as well as ergonomic tabletops can be realized.

Comprehensive changes in concepts possible

As example, with its latest patient platform for ophthalmology, gKteso provides the possibility to treat the patient in diverse conventional surgical areas and at different lasers without change of position. You have questions in regards to the application spectrum of patient platforms by gKteso, for example for treatments in urology? Then give us a call or write us.