Patient platforms

Patient platforms

Motion system for various applications

Classic OEM to distinguished international partners

gKteso specializes in the manufacturing of electronically controlled patient platforms for various applications. As classic OEM to distinguished international partners, the company has produced them for more than 25 years. The innovative patient platforms are employed in radiology, ophthalmology and in urology or lithotripsy.

Precise fine tuning at the patient platform

The patient platform for ophthalmology by gKteso features precise three-dimensional fine tuning and, in addition, provides large lateral mobility. The tabletop is of high rigidity and exceptionally ergonomic. Even the tilt of the headrest may be adjusted electronically. Several positions can be stored for fast retrieval. The patient platform’s remarkably low entry height ensures great comfort for the patient

Isoclinical and isocentric movement axes for urology

The patient platform for urology / lithotripsy enables precise three-dimensional fine tuning in X, Y and Z as well as at the isoclinical and isocentric movement axes. The tabletop features a remarkably high rigidity and provides ideal spatial conditions at the perianal end. It is controlled via handset or via CAN interface.

Cost-effective entry model for lithotripsy

The second variant of a patient platform for urology / lithotripsy is a cost-effective entry model which is adjustable in X, Y and Z as well as at the isocentric and isoclinical axes. It is also controlled via handset or via TCP/IP interface. You have questions around the patient platforms for urology, ophthalmology or lithotripsy? Then give us a call or write us.