Customer profile

Customer profile

Classic OEM for patient platforms

OEM customers benefit from gKteso

Aside from the innovative Radiotherapy Patient System (RPS), gKteso has made a name for itself as classic OEM in the development and manufacturing of electronically controlled patient platforms for various medical areas. gKteso is in successful, long-term cooperation with international partners. As OEM, the team of gKteso focuses entirely on the research, development and production of patient platforms. These innovative patient platforms are used by the customers of its partners:  Specialist practices, clinics and medical centers. They are particularly applied in radiology, ophthalmology, urology or lithotripsy.

OEM customers can realize developments faster

Our OEM customers wish to incorporate preferably large, complete and already medically approved component products in their developments. This saves time, resources and money. For this, patient platforms by gKteso represent an important element. Our OEM customers in radiology, ophthalmology, urology or lithotripsy benefit from the electronic patient platforms that feature a very precise ergonomic design and ensure best work conditions during the respective treatment. Aside from accurate patient positioning, also the headrest may be adjusted electronically. Of particular efficiency is the possibility to store several positions for fast retrieval. The all-round access to the patient platform permits an optimal utilization of the practice rooms. You would like to make gKteso your OEM partner? Then give us a call or write us.